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Urban Grind Coffee House

911 NW 14th Ave
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Tuesday
    Dec 13 2016
    Coffee w/ Co-Founders @ Urban Grind

    The next meetup will be at Urban Grind Coffee Shop. We'll take the corner area just near the front door.

    The format is pretty laid back. Come by, grab a cup of coffee, and network with other business owners who are working on incredible projects. We can't wait to hear what you're working on!

    About Coffee w/ Co-Founders: As a business owner you are faced with many challenges. You're forced to make decisions every day that could make or break your business. Coffee w/ Co-Founders is a way to network with other Entrepreneurs to allow free flowing information with the intent to collaborate and help each other. So often we're challenged and there's very little we can do to express our challenges with the people we work with or the people we care about. Think of Coffee w/ Co-Founders as your own personal support group for business owners. We're all here to help!

  • Thursday
    Aug 14 2014
    Coffee w/ Co-Founders IV

    Coffee w/ Co-Founders was an event created to give Founders a venue to talk about challenges, issues, and what's working. It's a way to network and build on the ecosystem that makes Portland an incredible place to start a business.

    This is completely informal. Come by, drink coffee, hang out, but most of all, have fun meeting new people who are passionate about what they're working on!

  • Friday
    Feb 8 2013
    Commit! PDX: Morning Hackfest @Urban Grind

    A small, informal group of hackers that meet in the morning to code and chat over coffee. Our goal is to commit at least once before we leave, or help someone else with their commit. Show up late, leave early, or just stop on your way and say hi; it's all cool.

    All languages, technologies, and levels of expertise are welcome.

  • Saturday
    Apr 18 2009
    Open Source Bridge work sprint
    rails ruby

    Please join us on Saturday, April 18th to work on:

    1. Code: Add features to our OpenConferenceWare conference app. Join in if you have Ruby on Rails coding experience. We’re planning to add a schedule grid, personal schedule planner, personal schedule export, and other improvements.
    2. Tests: Add specs (tests) to currently uncovered code and refactor code for clarity and correctness. Join in if you have RSpec or Cucumber experience.
    3. Outreach: Contact speakers, compose articles, and publicize the sessions.
    4. Attendee wiki: Provide structure and content for a wiki that attendees can use to share information, like where to eat, what to do, etc.
    5. Birds of Feather sessions (BoFs) planning: Prepare wiki instructions, Google spreadsheet, or requirements for a custom Rails app to capture registrations for BoFs.
    6. Hacker lounge planning: Prepare projects and structure for arranging space in the 24-hour hacker lounge.

    We’ll meet up at Urban Grind Northwest at 10am. Later in the day, we’ll have a working lunch at BridgePort Brew Pub. Join us for however much of this you can.


    PS: If you plan to participate, please also join mailing lists related to your interest area.

  • Sunday
    Apr 5 2009
    Open Source Bridge code and outreach sprint
    rails ruby

    Please join us on Sunday, April 5th to work on:

    1. Code: Add features and specs (tests) to the OpenConferenceWare (OCW) conference app. Join in if you have Ruby on Rails coding experience, such as contributing code to Calagator. See task list for details.

    2. Outreach: Contact user group leaders, educators, open source projects, mailing lists, etc to encourage them to spread the word about the conference and submit proposals.

    We'll meet up at Northwest Urban Grind at 10am. Later in the day, we'll have a working lunch at the dining space between the Hot Lips Pizza and Laughing Planet at the Ecotrust Building. Join us for however much of this you can.



  • Tuesday
    Feb 17 2009
    Drupalcon Portland 2010 Proposal Planning Meeting

    Meeting to discuss possible venues, themes, etc. for a proposal for Drupalcon 2010. It's due March 1st, so this is a very last minute thing, but still worth a try.

    Drupal (drupal.org) is a Content Management System, with powerful modularity. The regular Drupal Meetup is the 2nd Wednesday of every month at OpenSourcery.

  • Saturday
    Dec 20 2008
    Calagator mini code sprint
    ruby rails

    NOTICE: Unlike usual sprints, this would be at noon, not 10m, and at UGNW, not CubeSpace.

    I'd like to have a mini code sprint this weekend. Everyone is welcome, no programming experience required, although it'd be useful.

    UGNW is near the Streetcar, so getting there even in bad weather should work okay.

    We can talk about what we want to do with recurring events, the with_my_events branch, supporting multiple regions, supporting multiple instances, and supporting categories. We may even get some coding done too. :)

  • Friday
    Nov 14 2008
    Startup Workout
    Urban Grind Coffee House

    Stretch, strengthen and tone your startup muscles. Bring an idea to pitch to the group Friday evening, socialize and gather your team over coffee or drinks afterward.

    Start building your product Saturday and launch Sunday!

    We will have an attorney and a CPA with extensive startup experience available for either a short presentation or Q&A at some point(s) during the weekend.

    More info on the website.

    RSVP on Upcoming today!

  • Wednesday
    Jul 9 2008
    "No Pitch" Coffee

    One of the worst parts about networking are the individuals that use the events to pitch their products and services. We all know that is part of the deal when networking but it can be highly annoying. Because the focus of this site is on peer advice between small business owners, PortlandSmallBusiness.com is starting a series of weekly "No Pitch" coffee networking events around town. These are intended to be very informal meetings. You show up, order your coffee and you talk with other small business owners. I plan to alternate between coffee shops around inner Portland and if it gets too big, I'll find a bigger space.

  • Thursday
    Jul 3 2008
    Calagator Mid-Week Code Sprint

    I've heard some interest in holding a mid-week code sprint next week, and also some interest in more evening meetings. So, next Thursday, in the evening, we're sprinting away. We can fix bugs and maybe add tagging. Good times will be had by all.