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Styloid Process

625 NW Everett Street No. 109
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

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  • Thursday
    Sep 1 2011

    Styloid Process

    --~~== DORKBOT PDX GROUP SHOW 2011 ==~~--


    Dorkbot PDX and Styloid Process are proud to present a collection of 11 works by local artists doing strange things with electricity:

    Where: Styloid Process Gallery - 625 NW Everett Street No. 109 (map) When: Opening First Thursday, September 1st, 2011, 6-10pm

    The event is free and open to the public. Beverages (donation suggested) will be provided.


    Works include (please see the official page for detail):

    : Wall Disruption (Ross Young) : Handmade Microphones: Audio Bricolage (Philip Graham) : Alcohol Swells (Jesse Mejia) : Augmented Reality Booth (Libbey White) : Fatal Machine (Jason Plumb) : Uno the Integer (Ward Cunningham) : Conversation Piece (Cameron Adamez) : Creeper (Donald Delmar Davis) : E-Textile Projects (Cat Poole) : Calling Response (Michael Bunsen) : Maxwell (Mark Medonis)


    : causal, logical, or contextual relation, sequence, or association : a relation of personal intimacy : coherence, continuity : something that connects/communicates : link/transport : a source of contraband (as illegal drugs)


    : the state of being hung : temporary removal (as from office or privileges) : temporary withholding (as of belief or decision) : temporary revocation of a law or rule : a carried-over musical tone which results in momentary dissonance : stoppage of payment of business obligations : a rhetorical device whereby the principal idea is deferred to the end of a sentence or longer unit