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Perkins & Company

1211 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1000
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)

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  • Tuesday
    Jan 24 2012
    OEN Workshop: Tax Issues for Startups

    Does the word "taxes" have you reacting with a blank, questionable stare?

    When making a list of priorities, startups tend to list taxes right above, "getting a plant service for the office." As with most startups, there may be a significant period of time before the business becomes profitable. However, there are business decisions you make today that can greatly affect your income tax situation in the future. These decisions include what type of entity your company wants to be, where your company wants to be located or even how your company obtains sales. Also, there are other types of taxes besides income, e. g. sales, payroll and B & O, that can distract you from the beginning. David Uslan will help get you through the startup "tax maze" so that you can more effectively focus on growing your startup and be well positioned for long-term success.

    For more information and to register, visit: http://www.oen.org/events.aspx?id=226

  • Tuesday
    Jun 7 2011
    Helping you Solve the Rubik's Cube of Revenue Growth: Getting from $1M to $5M

    Ever try to solve a Rubik's cube? Most people can complete one side, but solving the whole puzzle is decidedly more difficult. Entrepreneurs experience the same thing when trying to solve the revenue growth puzzle. Achieving the first million is pretty straightforward, but growing revenues from $1M to $5M is complicated. You have to be thinking several steps ahead and managing several moving parts. Solving the revenue growth puzzle requires you to think of marketing, sales, staffing, training, financing, production and distribution. OEN has assembled a stellar panel of entrepreneurs who have successfully grown their companies’ revenues past the $5M mark and are willing to share their experiences, and answer your questions. Please join moderator Frank Helle, CEO of Axian, Inc. and Program Chair for OEN's CEO Roundtable, along with the following three revenue-growth experts for an informative and entertaining panel discussion. There will be plenty of interactive Q&A time regarding how to drive revenue growth from the $1M marker to the $5M marker. Chris Marsh, Pulse Health Julie Pickens, Little Busy Bodies Mike Wright, Wellpartner You can cut to profitability but not to top-line growth...learn what these experts know This panel of local entrepreneurs knows how to create long-term value for all stake holders through top-line growth. They also have succeeded recently despite the challenging access to capital and the difficult economy businesses face today. This workshop is your opportunity to quiz them on their successes, frustrations, and lessons learned that you can apply to your growing business.

  • Thursday
    Jun 3 2010
    OEN Workshop - What if we're doing it all wrong? Predicting if your business will survive or fail

    How can I better predict if my business will likely survive or fail? Is it possible to know in advance whether I'm going to beat the competition? How can I shape my business into a strategy that is more likely to succeed?"

    As it turns out, relatively quiet empirical models have surfaced that begin to answer these questions with astonishing results. Pioneering this research, first at Intel and then at Harvard, Thomas Thurston has offered to share this fascinating work, the results, and the actionable implications for managers.

    Thomas Thurston is President and Managing Director of Growth Science International, LLC. - www.growthsci.com

    Outline: 2 hours 1 hour, 15 minutes - lecture (including Q&A and discussions) 30 min group activity 15 minutes - wrap up

    To register for this event, please visit the OEN events page.

  • Tuesday
    May 25 2010
    OEN HR Outreach Event - Hiring Right: Asking the Right Questions

    Perkins & Company

    Perkins & Company 1211 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1000 Portland, OR 97204-

    •Improve your own interviewing communication skills

    •Identify what questions you would like your candidates to ask

    •Know what you’re listening for when you ask, “Do you have any questions?”

    •Uncover how serious your candidates are about your job offering

    Speaker: Kathy Maixner www.sellingsmartonline.com.

    When: Tuesday, May 4, 2010 Time: 4:00 - 5:30 pm Where: Perkins & Co., 1211 SW Fifth Ave, Ste. 1000, Portland, OR 97204 What: Hiring Right: Asking the Right Questions (seminar and discussion) Cost: FREE to OEN members, $30 for non-members