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OEN Workshop - What if we're doing it all wrong? Predicting if your business will survive or fail

Perkins & Company
1211 SW Fifth Ave, Suite 1000
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)



How can I better predict if my business will likely survive or fail? Is it possible to know in advance whether I'm going to beat the competition? How can I shape my business into a strategy that is more likely to succeed?"

As it turns out, relatively quiet empirical models have surfaced that begin to answer these questions with astonishing results. Pioneering this research, first at Intel and then at Harvard, Thomas Thurston has offered to share this fascinating work, the results, and the actionable implications for managers.

Thomas Thurston is President and Managing Director of Growth Science International, LLC. - www.growthsci.com

Outline: 2 hours 1 hour, 15 minutes - lecture (including Q&A and discussions) 30 min group activity 15 minutes - wrap up

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