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Portland State University Hoffmann Hall

1833 SW 11th Ave
Portland, Oregon, United States (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Friday
    Nov 7 2014
    Richard Stallman - Copyright vs Community in the Age of Computer Networks
    Copyright developed in the age of the printing press, and was designed
    to fit with the system of centralized copying imposed by the printing
    press.  But the copyright system does not fit well with computer
    networks, and only draconian punishments can enforce it.
    The global corporations that profit from copyright are lobbying
    for draconian punishments, and to increase their copyright powers,
    while suppressing public access to technology.  But if we
    seriously hope to serve the only legitimate purpose of
    copyright--to promote progress, for the benefit of the
    public--then we must make changes in the other direction.

    Presented by Portland State University Chapter of Association of Computing Machinery

  • Friday
    May 8 2009
    science lecture at PSU

    Event: 4th Annual Mark Gurevitch Memorial Lecture

      May 8, 2009 Starts: 5:00pm
      Background on Sidney Altman:
      Sidney Altman earned his PhD in biophysics. He chaired the biology dept at Yale, and received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1989. This 
      is the second Nobel Laureate in two years for this four year-old lecture series, which is organized by the physics department.
      Background on Mark Gurevitch:
      Mark Gurevitch was the founding chair of the physics department: http://www.physics.pdx.edu/gen_gurevitch_lecture.htm
      When: Friday, May 8th, 2009
      Where: Hoffman Hall
      Time: 5:00 pm
      Cost: Free
  • Friday
    Apr 17 2009
    Focus the Nation event

    Focus the Nation: Seizing the Opportunties of the New Energy Economy

      This inter-generational town hall will span all levels of government representation-- from federal to city-- and will be the unveiling event for the Multnomah County Climate Action Plan from Mayor Sam Adams and Commissioner Jeff Cogen.
      Featuring: Congressman Earl Blumenaeur, Representative Ben Cannon, Representative Jules Bailey, Mayor Sam Adams, Commissioner Jeff Cogen.
      Partner Organizations: Portland State University/N2e
      Location: Portland State University Hoffmann Hall
      Date: Friday, April 17th at 6:00 PM
      Organizer: Lacey Riddle, contact at 5032249440 or [email protected]
  • Saturday
    Oct 25 2008
    The Early Universe: From the Big Bang to Stars & Galaxies

    The Early Universe: From the Big Bang to Stars & Galaxies (Dr. Aparna Venkatesan, University of San Francisco, Dept. of Physics/Astronomy & Dr. Todd Duncan, PSU - Aparna had a family emergency so Todd will be delivering her talk at the scheduled time on Saturday ) (October 25, 10 am, Hoffman Hall, PSU)