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Microsoft Portland

10260 S.W. Greenburg Road Suite #600
Portland , OR 97223, US (map)



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Past events that happened here

  • Friday
    Nov 18 2011
    Microsoft IT Camp

    Join us for an informal event where the true agenda is up to you! The camp leader (Chris E. Avis - IT Evangelist/Microsoft) will lead off with a brief intro to the camp then open the floor up for discussion topics. We will then work through those topics until the end of the session (or until we just get tired of talking!).

    This will be very interactive and works best with participation from everyone. We look forward to having you join us for this new informal event.

  • Microsoft: Pathway to the Private Cloud

    Microsoft Portland

    Microsoft Technet presents a 1/2 day interactive presentation on Virtualization and Private Cloud. We will have two presentations for the day.

    Session 1 - Get Ready for Tomorrow, Today - Hyper-V Virtualization for the Cloud

    Virtualization is one of the critical elements of networks operations of all kinds. Virtualization is a key to cloud operations. Joins us as we discuss the key components of virtualization that provide the operational foundation for both Public and Private Cloud.

    Session 2 - Private Cloud 201: Microsoft Private Cloud Tools and Technologies

    So you have heard the private cloud story from a 101 level and you want to know more. Join us as we discuss Private cloud in greater detail with a focus on the tools and technologies that make Private Cloud such an appetizing It and business opportunity for business both large and small.

  • Tuesday
    Nov 2 2010
    PADNUG November Meeting

    Please join us next Tuesday night for another great PADNUG event!

    WHERE: Microsoft Portland Office located in Lincoln Tower 10260 SW Greenburg Road Suite 600 Portland, OR 97223 Map: http://bit.ly/9M9dNZ

    WHEN: Tuesday 11/02/2010 6:00 p.m. Pizza (by Ascentium) 6:30 p.m. Presentation ~8:30 p.m. After Words at Gustav's

    WHO: Patrick Cauldwell Patrick is a Software Engineer/Tech Lead at WebMD, an Adjunct Instructor at Oregon Institute of Technology, and a noted author. He has held a variety of development, leadership and educational positions in the Portland-area software industry. Patrick is also a Certified Scrum Master.

    TOPIC: Workflow 4 Many real world business processes lend themselves well to being modeled as a formal work flow, and using a work flow framework can make the task of modeling much easier. Windows Workflow 4 provides a design surface, programming model, and toolset that make it easy for developers to model work flows, while taking advantage of a rich platform and set of services. WF 4 is much simpler to use and understand than the previous offerings, and is much more tightly integrated with WCF.

    We'll look at what WF is good for, what it's best at, and how the WCF integration makes it easy to develop "durable services" and "long running" workflows.

    Thanks to our Premium Sponsors that make these meetings possible: Ascentium - http://www.ascentium.com/ Microsoft - http://www.microsoft.com/ ORCS Web - http://www.orcsweb.com/rdirects/NEW_padnug_hostby.asp O'Reilly - http://www.oreilly.com/

  • Thursday
    Sep 30 2010
    Windows Phone 7 Unleashed - Training and Hackathon
    ruby python beer

    Registration Required! It's a BYOL event.

    Windows Phone 7 is about to be released! Come check out Windows Phone 7 Unleashed for everything you need to know to develop for WP7. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or you’re just starting with .NET development, there’s something in it for you.

    The first half of this deep dive event is lecture and hands on lab. At the half point mark of the day, you’ll have a solid foundation for building WP7 applications.

  • Wednesday
    Sep 22 2010
    Technology Showcase presented by Northwest Computer Support

    Microsoft Portland

    Northwest Computer Support is expanding into the Portland area and as part of our launch we are hosting a Technology Showcase Event.

    This event will allow you the opportunity to meet with industry leading vendors face to face and discuss ways to improve your business process’s through emerging technologies.

    Additionally, there will be informal discussion scheduled throughout the day, presented in a classroom style setting, by industry experts from several of our sponsor vendors.

    At the end of the day we will be announcing the winner of the $50,000 Extreme Technology Makeover! As well as additional prize giveaways throughout the day.

    To apply for the Extreme Technology Makeover go to the link provided: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/portlandextremetechmakeover

    If you are an IT Manager or a small business owner with a server based network, you do not want to miss this event!!

    This is a free event and lunch will be provided.

    Microsoft Corporation 10260 SW Greenburg Road Lincoln Tower Suite 600 Portland, Oregon 97223

  • Thursday
    Jun 17 2010
    A Very Special PADNUG Event

    A Special Event hosted by the Portland Area .NET Users Group. This venue may change and more details are coming.

  • Tuesday
    Jun 1 2010
    PADNUG June Meeting

    Andrew Hay: Making a Mockery of .NET

    Andrew Hay is a developer, speaker, author, dad, husband and Chief Belly Scratcher of the family dog. He started over 15 years ago by supporting mainframe assembly language programs which exceeded his own age. A few years after this initial shock treatment, he hooked his wagon to something called Active Server Pages and has been riding the gravy train on the Microsoft platform ever since. Andrew has been an active member of PADNUG since moving from Chicago to Portland in 2002 and he currently works as a developer at Vertigo Software, Inc.

    Making a Mockery of .NET In a return to showing some good ol' code in Visual Studio, Andrew will present a blend of unit testing topics. First, a quick level-set with a sampling of seasoned and fresh unit test frameworks. Next, the discussion will advance to mock object frameworks, and then round out the evening with parameterized unit test frameworks. You'll examine tools like NUnit, Rhino Mocks, MOQ, Typemock Isolator, as well as some Visual Studio 2010 tools including Pex and Moles, two clever incubation projects from Microsoft Research.

    While you are at it, consider visiting our Premium Sponsors that make these meetings possible:

    Ascentium - http://www.ascentium.com/ Microsoft - http://www.microsoft.com/ ORCS Web - http://www.orcsweb.com/rdirects/NEW_padnug_hostby.asp O'Reilly - http://www.oreilly.com/ Robert Half Technology - http://www.roberthalftechnology.com/ Looking forward to seeing you all there!

  • Tuesday
    Apr 6 2010
    MIX10 discussion

    MIX10 last month had a plethora of amazing announcements for the .NET world, including Windows Phone 7 development with Silverlight and XNA, Internet Explorer 9 with support for HTML5, the Open Data Protocol (OData), new developments with Windows Azure, and more. Come check out the latest and greatest with plenty of demos!

  • Tuesday
    Mar 2 2010
    PADNUG: Creating Custom Controls in ASP.NET

    PADNUG's monthly meeting. See website for full blurb.

  • Tuesday
    Feb 2 2010
    Working with Data in the 21st Century

    PADNUG's monthly meeting, followed by beer and discussion.

  • Tuesday
    Jan 5 2010
    BizTalk: what is it and why does it matter?

    PADNUG's monthly meeting, followed by beer and disucussion

  • Wednesday
    Mar 11 2009
    Oregon SQL -Developers Professional Association Monthly Meeting

    The Oregon SQL Developers (OSQL-d) Professional Association provides opportunities for .NET developers, SQL Server developers, and SQL Server administrators to meet and discuss SQL Server technologies that are of specific interest for developers. Discussion topics include 'Best Practices', T-SQL code, Query Optimization, Reporting, ETL, Indexing, and new (as well as undiscovered 'old') features.

    Our meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month -except there is no meeting in December. We meet at the Portland Microsoft Office in the large conference room.

    Microsoft Portland Office Suite 600 (Sixth Floor) 10260 SW Greenburg Rd Portland, OR 97223

  • Tuesday
    Jul 1 2008
    PADNUG: Windows Workflow Foundation

    Portland Area .NET Users Group (PADNUG)

  • Tuesday
    Jun 3 2008
    PADNUG: Smart Device Programming with Visual Studio 2008

    Portland Area .NET Users Group (PADNUG) June Meeting Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 brings a host of new features and improvements for smart device developers with an updated emulator, new version of the .NET Compact Framework, on-device unit testing, and more. As a software architect and Microsoft certified trainer, as well as SoftSource's subject matter expert on mobile device application development, Steven Gray will walk through the practical steps for building smart device applications quickly as well as how to leverage existing investments by bridging those mobile applications to your current web service architectures. Time and interest permitting, Steven will also contrast invoking web services from other mobile platforms besides Windows CE-based devices as well.

  • Wednesday
    May 21 2008
    Microsoft Northwest Quarterly Partner Briefing

    We are holding Northwest Quarterly Partner Briefings within three of our Microsoft offices in May. Topics include: Selling in Tough Economic Times, Business Productivity Online,...

  • Tuesday
    May 6 2008
    PADNUG: CodeIt.Right the First Time

    Use Code Analysis and Refactoring to produce quality code, enforce coding guidelines, find code pitfalls, performance issues and save your time.