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Portland Business Alliance (PBA)

200 Sw Market St
Portland, OR 97201, US (map)

Portland Business Alliance

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  • Thursday
    May 17 2012
    PDX Selenium User Group: Of The Infinite Ways To Use Selenium, Whats Your Implementation?

    Thank you volunteers, it will be really interesting to see how hard or easy each framework is compared to another. So that we can compare all the frameworks on the same scale, this is what I propose. However, if this sounds way too structured or too easy or too hard, feel free to just show up and use your 15 minutes to blow us away with your automation chops in any way you like.

    5 Min:
    Talk for about your framework. Tell us why you designed it the way it is. Show us how it works. Power Point slides are helpful but not required.

    5-10 Min:
    Demo your framework by accomplishing the following test, you may code this on the fly or prepare some or all of it before hand.

    Your mission if you choose to accept it:
    1.Go to wired.com
    2.Search for �something”
    3.Open any article
    4.Verify that the article contains the “something” you searched for.
    5.Tweet the article using the tweet button.
    5a.Tweet the message: "Tweeted using automation during a Portland Selenium Users Group demo..."
    5b.You can assume that the user has previously logged into twitter and you don’t have to include a twitter login in your demo.

    There are a countless number of ways to implement Selenium, each are tailored to the needs of the application under test.

    At the last meetup it was suggested that we can have several mini hands on demos, with Q&A and discussion. Any volunteers?

    3 Presentations, each with:
    10 min of Demo
    10 min of Q&A, Discussion

  • Thursday
    Apr 19 2012
    pdx Se: Writing Selenium 2.0 WebDriver scripts like a Pro!

    We have moved our venue to the Portland Business Alliance�Conference Room in the 200 market building downtown Portland.  This is the black box downtown.  Also notice we have adjusted the times just a little.

    We will be having our Network/Meet & Greet in the Carafe Bistro, which is at the front of the building. http://www.carafebistro.com/ please join us here before the presentation for a drink and their Pommes frites with house mayo is to die for!


    The PBA conference room where we will have the event is on the main floor on the left as you enter the building. (main floor is up the escalator)



    Writing Selenium 2.0 WebDriver scripts like a Pro!

    Presented by Paul Grandjean Lead QA Engineer

    6:00-6:45 Network/Meet & Greet
    6:45-7:45 Presentation


    - Problems with maintainability of existing test suites
    - Introduction to the Page Object design pattern.
    - Benefits of using this pattern.
    - A couple of simple examples of Page Objects
    - The Page Factory for initialization and eliminating findElement() calls.
    - Examples using the Page Factory
    - Using Page Components within a Page Object to support pages containing higher-level structures such as tables, nav-bars, frames, etc. (a shopping cart might be a good example)
    - Demo against a complex site.


    About the Speaker:

    Paul was first introduced to Selenium in 2008 while working as the lead QA engineer for an American company while based in Prague, Czech Republic.

    Working alone with few resources, he was painfully aware of the lack of documentation. Using the Selenium user's and developer's forums, Paul kicked off an effort to write the first Selenium documentation. From Prague, he lead a team including three others from India, the UK, and Argentina to write the original Selenium 1.0 documentation. Their efforts are still posted under the Documentation tab at www.seleniumhq.org

    Since then, Paul has developed test suites using Selenium IDE, Selenium-RC, Selenium-Flex and Selenium-WebDriver. Currently, he is developing his second test suite using the Selenium 2.0 WebDriver API. After attending the Selenium Conference last spring, Paul has become a passionate advocate of using the Page Object test design pattern for building highly maintainable and extensible test suites. Paul continues to be involved with the Selenium documentation as his time allows.

  • Thursday
    Sep 10 2009
    Portland Business Alliance presents Cornerstones Conversations: Cause Marketing - Picking a Nonprofit Partner

    Portland Business Alliance, Greater Portland's Chamber of Commerce, presents Cornerstones Conversations: Cause Marketing – how to pick the perfect nonprofit partner.

    If you’ve been thinking about partnering with a nonprofit to benefit not only your business, but also the community at large, then you don’t want to miss this Cornerstones Conversation. Businesses and non-profits will tell you what to look for, what to avoid and how to build a partnership with a nonprofit partner that does good for everyone involved.

    • Steve Brook, Practice Director, Point B Consulting
    • Jana Cole, Director of Donor Relations, Self Enhancement, Inc. (invited)
    • Brian Wilson, Kalberer Company
    • Roma Peyser, Director of Development, Cascade AIDS Project

    Location: Portland Business Alliance 200 SW Market Street Lobby Conference Room

    Series Sponsors: West Coast Bank, Regence

    Pre-registration required at www.portlandalliance.com. Members: $20, Non-Members $30


    The online Registration will close at 3:00p.m. on September 9th, 2009

  • Wednesday
    Sep 2 2009
    Venture Northwest Application Deadline

    You’re invited to OEN’s Venture Northwest 2009, the Northwest’s premier forum for new and emerging investment opportunities in exciting companies from Oregon, Washington, and throughout the Pacific Northwest. We’ll be showcasing early-to late-stage investment opportunities pre-screened by an investor-led panel.

    Attendees will learn about the region's growth segments, explore new technology and research, and connect with entrepreneurs from the area's hottest emerging companies including nanotech, microtech, bioscience, sustainability and more.

    This event highlights the best and brightest investment opportunities in the Northwest and is the place to network with exciting emerging businesses, investment firms, and business development representatives.

    Early bird Registration to attend Venture Northwest Register for OEN's annual investment conference, Venture Northwest 2009 at the early bird price of $420 by September 15th. Registration increases to $495 after that date.

    Early bird Registration to attend: $420 by September 15th. Regular registration: $495

  • Thursday
    Apr 2 2009
    Portland Business Alliance Presents: Cornerstones Conversations - Marketing to the Hispanic Community

    Oregon has seen a 400 percent increase in its Hispanic population since 1990, positioning Portland as one of the top 10 emerging Hispanic markets in the United States. How can you successfully market your business to this growing community? El Hispanic News and others will tell you how.

    You can start the discussion now at the Cornerstones Conversation blog, www.alliancepdx.blogspot.com.

    Speakers: Gale Castillo, Metropolitan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

    Representative from El Hispanic News (to be announced)

    Location: 200 SW Market Street in the Lobby Conference Room

    Series Sponsors: West Coast Bank, Regence

    Pre-registration required:

    Members: $20, Non-Members $30


  • Thursday
    Mar 5 2009
    Putting Social Media to Work: What is social media and how can it support my business goals?

    Presented by Portland Business Alliance, Greater Portland's Chamber of Commerce

    Date: March 5, 2009

    Time: 7:30 a.m. - 10:00 a.m.

    Location: 200 SW Market Street, Lobby Conference Room.

    Title: Putting Social Media to Work: What is social media and how can it support my business goals?

    Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. You keep hearing about them and new sites are popping up over night. How do you use them? Which ones best fit your company's needs? Social media experts including Edelman's US Brand Strategy Director, Travel Portland's head of PR and Tillamook Cheese's online expert will help you figure out which social networking sites and what tools can be put to work for your business.

    For more information, contact: MEGAN DOERN | COMMUNICATIONS DIRECTOR Portland Business Alliance | Greater Portland's Chamber of Commerce Direct 503-552-6754 Main 503.224.8684 | Fax 503.323.9186 [email protected]

  • Thursday
    Feb 5 2009
    Cornerstones Coversations: E-Marketing Your Business

    Cornerstones Conversations: E-Marketing Your Business

    Date: 2/5/2009 Time: 7:30 AM TO 9:00 AM

    Event Description:

    E-Marketing: How this medium can boost your business?

    With rapidly changing technology and new marketing techniques, how can you use e-marketing to reach your target audience? Alex Williams from eROI and Karen Karger from EasyStreet will start off the conversation on effective tactics that can boost your business.

    Panelists: Alex Williams, eROI, Inc. Karen Karger, EasyStreet

    You can start the discussion now at the Cornerstones Conversation blog: http://alliancepdx.blogspot.com/2008/11/portland-state-business-projects.html

    Series Sponsors: West Coast Bank, Regence

    Pre-registration required:

    Members: $20, Non-Members $30


    Sponsors: Regence and West Coast Bank.

  • Thursday
    Jan 15 2009
    Portland Business Alliance, Cornerstones Conversations: "Savings and Sustainability"

    Hear from experts, share best practices, and grow your business. Presented by Portland Business Alliance, greater Portland's Chamber of Commerce. Take part in a continuing discussion at the Cornerstones Conversations events, and on the new blog at www.alliancepdx.blogspot.com. Advance registration requested at www.portlandalliance.com. Members: $20. Non-members: $30.

  • Wednesday
    Nov 5 2008
    Sustaining a Business in a Down Economy

    Topics that will be discussed include:

    Planning — An existing business’ basic need. You need to put a planning process in place.

    Customers — Do you really understand what drives your customers.

    Products and Services — You need to think value not feature or benefit.

    Advisory Board — Do you have a support network in place.

    Financial Plan — You need to understand you financial landscape so that you can position the business to raise the capital necessary for growth.

    Competition — You need to pay attention to your competitors and how they deliver value to their customers.

    Technology — This is the vital lifeline in today’s economy. How you deploy it can be the difference between success or failure.

    James M. Smith Jim Smith, who began his career at IBM in sales and marketing, has over thirty years of experience mentoring entrepreneurial start-ups and counseling small to mid sized companies that are looking to expand or are under performing or under capitalized. Jim brings a deep background of executive management experience. In 1993 he founded and remains the managing partner of YCHANGE International, a turnaround consultancy specializing in small to medium sized new businesses or existing companies looking to expand or needing a turnaround strategy.

    SBDC; Portland Business Alliance; CubeSpace; OTBC; MercyCorps Northwest; Portland SCORE; Hillsboro Chamber; OAME; Hispanic Metropolitan Chamber; Philippine-American Chamber of Commerce

  • Seven Steps Business Planning Workshop

    The Existing Business Resource Team of Portland SCORE invites you to a workshop to help existing business owners survive and grow profitably in a down economy.

    What to expect:

    • Planning — A planning process is a necessity for an existing business.
    • Customers — Do you understand what drives your customer?
    • Products and Services — You need to think value not feature or benefit.
    • Financial Plan — The financial landscape helps you raise the capital necessary for growth.
    • Competition — Pay attention to your competitors and how they deliver value to their customers.
    • Technology — Deploying this vital lifeline can be the difference between success or failure.
    • Advisory Board — Do you have a support network in place?
    • In Summary — Sustaining your business is a continuing process and establishing a mentoring relationship helps to keep it going.
    • Guest speakers: Jim Smith, Chairman of the Portland Chapter of SCORE. Bridget Bayer, Opportunity Knocks Program Coordinator, Cost: $25.00 – includes workshop materials. Location: Portland Business Alliance Lobby Conference Room 200 Market Street Portland, OR Phone: 503-224-8484

    To register, call Portland SCORE at 503.326-5211 or you can register online.Seating is limited and on a first-come, first-serve basis.