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Feb 5
Arts & Crafts Show'N'Tell

Looking for some inspiration to get creative? How about joining others for a Show'N'Tell to find some creative ideas?

Families and children are also welcome. I'll start by sharing some projects I've created on Instagram, Youtube, TikTok, and my kids are also excited to share their creations. Anyone else is welcome to share their artwork as well.

If you feel up to it, you're welcome to bring your art supplies, sewing kits, pottery equipment, cameras, sketchpads, or even digital to share with the group.

Let's get inspired and create together!

We'll be using the Jitsi app instead of Zoom. You can join on desktop or mobile by clicking this meeting link

If you would like to stay connected for future sessions, you can connect on our social media, Discord, or Mailing List.

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Oct 22, 2011
Sewing with Electronics workshop - make a light up Halloween decoration

Create a spooky light-up fabric decoration for your wall or door! In this workshop we'll use Aniomagic's Sparkle platform to sew LED Halloween decorations that respond to ambient light levels.

Sparkle is one of a growing number of eTextile platforms meant for creating projects that integrate electronics with fabrics or paper. Sparkle can be programmed for interactive response without writing any code, and no soldering is needed as all of the components can be sewn together with special electrically conductive thread.

The cost for this workshop is $50. All materials are provided, including an Aniomagic Sparkle sensor kit with an approximate retail value of $40. No electronic experience needed, some experience with hand sewing is recommended. Register at

About the instructors: Shannon Henry loves to make things that blend the science & tech world with art and crafts. She has been crafting with fabric since she could handle safety scissors, and began integrating electronics into her art in 2008. Her eTextile work has been shown in San Francisco, New York, and Vancouver BC. She also develops sewn electronics kits and tutorials, which you can find at her website,

Cat Poole is a one woman instigator of perception bending mayhem. Through "Discovering Empowerment Through Creativity" workshops and Upcycled Electronics, she encourages all to defy their programming and void all warranties. Find out more at her site,

Nov 18, 2011
EsoZone Portland 2011: 5th Annual Mutant Unconference
through p:ear

The fifth annual EsoZone Portland event will be held this weekend at p:ear, Friday evening November 18th and Saturday November 19th (see the website for schedule and location information).

EsoZone is festival celebrating alternative culture and thought. It follows a hybrid unconference/conference model, meaning that in addition to pre-programmed content, participants can propose their own sessions to share their own ideas, projects and skills with the group.

This years presentations include:

  • Tom Henderson, author of the forthcoming book Punk Rock Mathemamtics, on illusory nature of self.
  • Eric Schiller of Beyond Growth on "digital hipsterism" and the rise of anti-intellectualism in social media.
  • Yoga for Slackers lead by Loren mccRory.
  • Grant Writing for Artists and Other Alien Beings lead by Amanda Sledz.
  • Anarcho-Sewing lead by Jillian Ordes-Finley.

Plus music and performances, and whatever sessions are proposed by this year's participants.

Jul 22, 2012
4th Sunday Soft Circuits
Lovecraft Bar

Want to learn how to add lights to fabric? Or create interactive clothing? Check out the ongoing soft circuit workshops. They are perfect for investigating materials and techniques for creating flexible circuits and how to integrate them in to our daily lives.

Learn about simple circuits by creating an LED patch for the hands-on experience, and gain a more detailed understanding during the "Tech Behind the Beauty" presentation.

Who should attend? Everyone! This is a beginner level workshop for sewing and for electronics.

All supplies are provided.

Bring ‘em if you wanna: scissors, needle nose pliers

Fee: $25 for new participants- $10 for those, who attended workshop #1

Cash and credit card payments will be accepted before the workshop begins.

Please RSVP by sending an email to [email protected]. This will help make certain I bring enough supplies.

Didn’t RSVP? You can still attend! I’ll have extra supplies.

Aug 24, 2013
Soft Circuit Crafting
Lovecraft Bar

Curious about the process of integrating electronics into fabric? Have something at home that lacks some much needed illumination? This workshop is a great place to start!

YOU: * Have any level of experience with electronics * Have any level of experience with sewing * Bring an item of non-stretch fabric that you want to add an LED or two to

LEARN: * How to create a circuit with up to two switches * Methods of sewing circuits on to your fabric using conductive thread. * How to convert standard LEDs (and other electronic components) into sew-able ones * How to use standard textile fastenings like zippers and snaps to switch your project on and off, *Lots of tips on how to make your project easier and make sure it lasts.

Cost: $5 covers basic materials with a suggested $5 - $10 pay what you can for the workshop lessons.

Jan 8
Arts & Crafts Workshop

Looking for some inspiration to get creative? How about joining others in a workshop to share and work on your creative ideas.

In this workshop, we'll spend time talking about ideas and working on art projects. Bring your art supplies, sewing kits, pottery equipment, cameras, sketchpads, or even digital if you prefer. If you're not sure what to create that day, we can try a daily prompt.

This will be our last virtually only meeting. We're looking to get started in person and keep virtual for anyone who cannot attend in person starting February 2022.

All families are welcome. Let's be inspired and create together!

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