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Oct 22, 2011
Ubuntu 11.10 Release Party

I'm proud to announce Ubuntu Oregon's 11.10 Release Party will take place on October 22nd, 2011 at Backspace, 115 NW 5th Ave, Portland, Oregon. Although this will not be a catered event there will be plenty of food and beverage options for those who bring money. Backspace makes everything from Nachos to Hummus and has a wide variety of local non-alcoholic beverages. Additionally next door there is a very decent burger shop that sells domestic and micro brews and there is Chinese food and other options in close proximity.

It is pretty likely that we may break off into a group after the release party to grab a cocktail for those who are interested and during the event we will have access to free wifi and power!

I would like to take a quick second and thank Eucalyptus for sponsoring some custom Ubuntu Oregon Oneiric T-Shirts... We should have close to enough for everyone who attends but just in case I will say they are going to be given out on a first come first serve basis!

Feel free to bring a friend or relative and please RSVP at (You can RSVP last minute if need be) I'm hoping some of the local Canonical people will be able to attend and I'm going to ping them with this announcement so we shall see!

Oct 20, 2012
Ubuntu 12.10 Release Party
Puppet Labs on NW Park (old office)

Ubuntu Oregon will be holding a 12.10 Release Party at PuppetLabs.

Pizza, Soft Drinks and Beer are also being provided thanks to the folks at PuppetLabs.

Additionally the folks at InkTank will be sponsoring some 12.10 release shirts!