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Oct 17, 2008
WhereCamp PDX

"Society is being transformed by new maps and new mapping technology. Our mission is to help create a free forum for people to talk about, present, explore, and learn about projects that involve place."

What is WhereCamp PDX?

WhereCampPDX is a free unconference focusing on all things geographical and cartographical. This informal meeting of minds welcomes all geo-locative enthusiasts, anyone who asks "where am I" or feels the need to "know their place".

We share a vision of a fully transparent world where data is geographically relevant and just in time.

An unconference is a conference planned by the participants, we all convene together, plan sessions, and have break-outs into sessions. This gives everybody an opportunity to bring to the table the things that interest them the most and lets us talk about new topics that are still new and exploratory. Part of what is important to hearing new voices and getting new ideas is lowering barriers to participation - this event is free and it is driven by the participants.

What kinds of people and topics will be discussed?

This event is community driven and is what you make it. It provide cross pollination between many different kinds of folks from all walks of life. Topics may include remote sensing, geoinformatics, forestry and agriculture, food chain transparency, civil engineering, emergency disaster relief, urban planning, local search, context awareness, place hacking, social cartography, citizen journalism, locative gaming, psychogeography, locative art, and beyond. Expect to participate in conversations on the nature of place as described in pixels, with rays, on paper, and by social practice!