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Jun 25, 2013
TiE Mentor Meetup
Portland State Business Accelerator Mt. Hood room

PSU semi-finalists from the Cleantech Challenge, an event run by the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship at PSU, will pitch their projects to a group of TiE mentors. Teams will network with mentors to find a match. The students will then work with the mentors throughout the summer. Sign up if you would like to be a mentor, meet TiE mentors or meet Cleantech students. Fees: Free Registration required:

The teams represent a wide variety of disciplines - engineering students working with business students, and collaborations between faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduates.

The 2013 PSU Cleantech Challenge semi-finalists are:

Simon Fowler, Graduate Student, Physics Emilio Molina, Undergraduate Student, Mechanical Engineering Esteban Rodriquez-Ariza, Undergraduate Student, Chemistry Dr. Jun Jiao, Professor, Physics (A photocatalytic water purification system that uses a unique method of magnetic photocatalyst recycling to purify water of organiz contaminants- using only solar energy.)

Anne Phillip, Recent PSU Alumna, Biology John Talik, Undergraduate Student, Mechanical Engineering Matthew Stewart, Undergraduate Student, Mechanical Engineering Taylor Rice, Undergraduate Student, Mechanical Engineering (A home aquaponics system that raises fish and vegetables together, utilizing a biofilter to recycle fish waste into plant fertilizer.)

Haiyan Li, Ph.D Researcher, Physics Lester Lampert, Graduate Student, Applied Physics Dr. Jun Jiao, Professor, Physics and Mechanical & Materials Engineering (Antireflective and efficient spray-coating films using diatoms, a photosynthetic organism, to enhance the light-electrcity conversion efficiency of solar cells.)

Emily Ediger, Undergraduate Student, Biology Megan Foley, Undergraduate Student, Biology Nick Simms, Undergraduate Student, Business (Natural pigments derived from microorganisms to synthesize dyes on a large scale in completely controlled environments.)

Peter Dusicka, Assistant Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering (Lightweight and corrosion-resistant buckling restrained braces, utilizing non-conventional construction materials, to protect buildings from earthquake damage.)

Heber Miguel, Undergraduate Student, Business and Economics Michael Boros, Undergraduate Student, General Science (A fuel processor system that recycles waste oil into Clean Diesel Fuel.)