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Regenerative Design: From Vision to Reality



The Portland Design Thinkers are happy to announce our next event with Stacey Murphy, Regenerative Design: From Vision to Reality.

Can your product, service, or corporation actively restore ecosystems and communities on the other side of the globe? Discover how to apply the holistic principles of Regenerative Design for you and your team to achieve the positive impact you desire.

Tap into the regenerative mindset that’s not only helping the planet but also disrupting a $17 trillion market. You’ll enjoy mind-boggling real-world solutions that sound like science fiction.

About our speaker: Stacey Murphy is an award-winning serial entrepreneur, impact investor, architect, engineer, and the Founder of Dreaming Earth, an architectural venture capital studio with the Earthshot of growing buildings by 2030.

Stacey incubates startups focused on Regenerative Materials and systems in architecture and construction innovation. Her experience starting BK Farmyards, a decentralized urban farming network in Brooklyn, led her to deliver keynote talks in Regenerative Design Thinking for groups that want to improve efficiencies and leave a positive impact on the planet.

Stacey has been featured in Fast Company, New York Magazine, New York Times, BBC, Martha Stewart Radio, David Letterman, PBS, and two TEDx talks on the future of food.