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PDXRust Meetup

Portland State University Fourth Avenue Building (FAB) Room FAB 86-01
1900 Southwest 4th Avenue
Portland, OR 97201, US (map)

Use the atrium entrance to the Engineering Building at 1930 SW 4th Avenue. Go down the stairs one level. From the bottom of the stairs, head NW out of the stairwell and along the corridor. Room 086-01 will be on your right.



Meet up with fellow Portland-area Rust programmers, give a lightning talk on your own project, find something interesting to collaborate on, or just enjoy talking shop with your fellow Rustaceans!

This is our first meeting since the pandemic! (Remember the pandemic?) We don't have any big topics planned to present, so this will just be a hack night. Brainstorming talk ideas for future meetups is definitely on topic.

Kindly hosted by Portland State University, we'll be meeting in Computer Science Conference Room FAB 086-01. Calagator has an entry for this venue: https://calagator.org/venues/202394217

(I'm a bit unclear on the security details; we may have someone at the door to let people in, in which case arriving late might be difficult, since we'd of course like that person to come down and join the group eventually. When I have more details I'll update this. -JimB)