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How to Run A Large Language Model (LLM) Locally on your PC or Laptop

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How to run a Large Lanuage Model on your PC or Laptop

Large language models are essentially large files (think GB in size!) that contain information somone can draw upon with a prompt. You've undoubtedly heard of (or used) OpenAI, which uses the ChatGPT LLM.

All OpenAI is is someone else's computer with a large language model installed. So why not do the same thing on your home computer?

For this event I'll walk through how to install an interface to chat with an AI model, download a model that works for you, and how to interface it.

This is intended to be more of a workshop, but since it takes a long time to install and download the models, this is more of a class format (it will be recorded and shared later with attendees).

After the tutorial attendees will be able to contact me with any questions about the process.

What will you need for the tutorial?

A computer. And, of course, an Internet connection. If you have a computer with a graphic card, opt for that, but you can use a local LLM on your laptop all the same.

To Make the Most of the Class

This isn't required, but if you have the technical know-how, I'd highly recommend doing the following:

Again, if these instructions don't make sense or you find them confusing, don't worry! I'm not expecting anyone to have done this.

Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to me on XMPP: xmpp://[email protected]