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Sketchnoting 101: Intro to Visual Thinking for Design Thinkers



Portland Design Thinkers is thrilled to announce an evening with April Reissmann; Sketchnoting 101: Intro to Visual Thinking for Design Thinkers.

Sketchnoting isn't art. It's communication.

Accessible, visual communication focused on clarity and transferring of knowledge quickly and efficiently. It’s a skill that can benefit everyone and brings joy to those who see and create sketchnotes. As Design Thinkers, we often have to communicate how and why this seemingly "unorthodox" method of problem-solving is so effective. Visual thinking can help win over your audience and get their buy-in sooner and with more dedication to the process. So grab a paper and pen and join this hands-on session to get started sketchnoting and learn how visual thinking can benefit your communication, work, and overall life (for real!).