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Confessions of an Entrepreneur with Allie Magyar, Founder of Hubb (after the exit)



Allie Magyar recognized the need for software like Hubb in the event space from her firsthand experience as an event manager. She felt so passionate about her idea that she used her own capital to build the product. Microsoft, believe it or not, was her first paying customer.

As more customers started using Hubb, Allie got to a point where she needed to scale the business. So, she went out and raised some money. Although…she didn’t just raise some money. In typical Allie fashion, she raised the most money that year for a seed-stage company.

"In 60 seconds, I knew I wanted to talk to Allie Magyar about her business idea after I saw her pitch at an event. I handed her my card, and we took a meeting the next day," said Nitin Rai, President of Elevate Capital and Chairman of TiE Oregon Angles.

In 2020, Allie sat down and talked with us regarding her journey thus far. We are excited now again to hear from Allie as she walks us through the last two years of her entrepreneurial journey including the successful exit to Intrado Digital Media, now Intrado.

Please join us as we hear Allie Magyar, Founder of HUBB share her entrepreneurial story - after the exit!