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Private Surveillance

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At the last several meetings, we looked at how municipalities use surveillance technologies and how the public can have input into the acquisition and use process related to these systems.

But what about private entities? How are they using technology to surveil us? And what happens when private organizations fund surveillance tech or enter into contracts with city governments to provide surveillance services?

This month, local Portland tech journalist Kate Kaye will join us to talk about the ways companies and other private entities are surveilling the public and what that means for our privacy and government policies for tech and data use. Kate is the creator of the the City Surveillance Watch podcast, a three-part scripted series delving into the dichotomy of smart city tech and its surveillance implications. She also is one of the only journalists anywhere to track closely the saga of Portland’s city mobility tracking project with Sidewalk Labs sibling Replica and the city’s groundbreaking facial recognition ban, which outlaws private use of facial recognition.

We'll discuss ownership and sharing of the data collected and how we might get back control of what information is collected and how it's used.

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