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Panel Discussion on Facial Recognition Use in Portland

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This event will be held online using Zoom.

For meeting link and password, please RSVP to https://www.meetup.com/Portlands-Techno-Activism-3rd-Mondays/events/271061475/ or send an email to [email protected].



Facial recognition technologies are being implemented around the world. While some uses of facial recognition, like unlocking your phone, may be convenient, others allow your facial information to be collected, used, and shared, without your knowledge or consent. Both governments and companies are now using this technology, often with little to no oversight or rules in place. In addition to transparency issues, facial recognition software programs have varying degrees of accuracy and have been shown to be less reliable when analyzing people of color, women, and children.

Because of these issues, some cities, including San Francisco, Oakland, and Somerville, MA, have banned government agencies from using facial recognition. Portland city officials are also considering a facial recognition ban and are looking to go a step further and address use by private entities as well.

There are many details to consider when adopting technologies like facial recognition, which can be used for surveillance. What are the costs and benefits? Who will be the target of the surveillance? Will it make us safer? What are we giving up in exchange for that safety? And should the technology be adopted at all?

On June 15th, join us for a combined event, with local privacy group PDX Privacy, where we'll ask our knowledgeable panelists the answers to these questions. We'll explore the risks of facial recognition technology, the ways it affects various groups of people, and how we can preserve our privacy and protect our communities.

We'll have a Q&A period via the chat box, but you can also send questions in advance to [email protected], and we'll work to get them into the discussion.

Moderator: Chris Bushick (PDX Privacy)


  • Sarah Hamid - CAIR Oregon

  • Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty - Portland City Council

  • Nathan "nash" Sheard - Electronic Frontier Foundation

  • Clare Garvie - Center on Privacy and Technology at Georgetown Law

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