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PDX Home Automation meetup

Ctrl-H / PDX Hackerspace
7608 N Interstate Ave
Portland, OR 97217, us (map)

There should be a sign on the door



I'm very happy to announce our next meetup is at the PDX Hackerspace in NW Portland. Its a really great space and perfect for the meetup group. They have a lot of interesting resources and free wifi!

For this meetup we're going to have a little more structure to it. First we're going to have a 'show and tell'. Bring your laptop or borrow someone else's and show everyone what cool new gadget you set up or automation. Or you can just talk about what-ever you want to that you've recently got working in Home Assistant. These will be limited to 5 mins per person

Next, we're going to go through the basics of getting started with Home Assistent. We'll talk about what to install it on, how to get it installed, and then maybe adding some simple device to start. If you have a Raspberry Pi or a device that you want to install Home Assistant on please bring it with you. Also if you have a monitor and keyboard that would be great. If not I believe there will be some monitors available. Those who already have Home Assistant running can help out those who are getting it installed

Last but not least, pizza will be provided. I'm asking that everyone bring their favorite beverage. Ideally beer and cider (I prefer cider!) to go with the pizza

Looking forward to seeing everyone!