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Ctrl-H / PDX Hackerspace

7608 N Interstate Ave
Portland, OR 97217, us (map)

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Past events that happened here

  • Wednesday
    Dec 4 2019
    PDX Exploit Workshop

    Hey everybody. Got a bug you just can't land? Is there a recent CVE you've been eyeballing seductively? Just want to brush up on your APPSEC or OPSEC? Do none of the above questions make any sense, but you're interested in computer security?

    PDX Exploit Workshop is the longest running security meetup in Portland (10 years!). It's an open, self driven event for people interested in computer security. Whether you're a novice or career professional, all are welcome. It's always a good time to learn about security!

    We spend this dedicated time each week researching and exploring topics of software and hardware security as well as working on personal and group projects. Occasionally we have presentations on our findings. Bring a willingness to learn, a curiosity about security, and/or a specific area of interest to share with others.

    This group meets in the PDX Hackerspace mainspace which has comfy seating, deluxe wifi (thanks Kyle!), Club Mate soda in the snack shack, and hackable LED displays to play around with.

    p.s. This event is open to everyone! No ^H membership is required to attend. All are welcome. That means you!

  • Friday
    Oct 4 2019
    Camp Smalltalk
    Ctrl-H / PDX Hackerspace

    The Pacific Northwest Smalltalk crew would like to invite you to Camp Smalltalk PDX this October. Join us in beautiful Portland, Oregon for a memorable weekend.

    There is no set schedule as of now. Likely topics include:

    • Smalltalk on iOS and Android
    • Web Frameworks
    • GemStone OODB
    • Virtual machine implementations
    • Data processing applications
    • Language design

    If you are curious about Smalltalk, learn from the experts. If you are an expert, influence the future generation of Smalltalkers!

  • Saturday
    Aug 24 2019
    Live Streaming with NinjaBunny9000

    Interested in learning the ins and outs of live streaming on Twitch and YouTube? This workshop will go over the basics of software and hardware you'll need to get going with your first streams and discuss the different aspects of stream production like audio processing, overlays, alerts, scheduling, best practices, and more so you can start your journey of sharing your amazing projects and experiences with the world.. LIVE!

  • Friday
    May 3 2019
    CTRL-H - PDX Hackerspace - Patch-up at Latch-up

    More info here: https://fossi-foundation.org/latchup/#timvideoshackfest

    Instead of RSVPing on Meetup, you can fill out this short form here: https://forms.gle/sSkXuoTvRyMqhqca8

    All are welcome. See you there!

  • Sunday
    Apr 7 2019
    CTRL-H - PDX Hackerspace - 101 Intro to Ableton Live -- All are Welcome! Bring Questions or Just Show Up.

    This class is meant to give each participant a decent introduction to Ableton Live. Class takes place in the crafts room @ Ctrl-H This is a 101 class, so no previous experience is necessary. Intended audience is anyone interested in using their computer for making music. But I'm happy to adjust the class to participants need or take more in depth questions after the introduction during Q&A.

    I've been using Ableton Live since version 3 in 2003, and have produced 43 albums of "music"? using it. http://cainmac.bandcamp.com

    Bring your own computer with Ableton Live installed, or download the 30-day trial copy at:

    Class is open to anyone and always free to attend.

    Thanks to Ctrl-H for hosting, to find out more about the hackerspace go to https://pdxhackerspace.org/