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PDX Python and Pyladies PDX Present Monthly Presentation Night



Big thanks to Accelebrate (https://www.accelebrate.com/) and New Relic (https://newrelic.com/about/culture) for sponsoring us this month!

Come join us downtown at New Relic for Pythonic talks!

We've got two great talks this month!

TALK 1: Python >= Super Glue How Python was used to integrate various hardware and programs into a free and open source music center that can even be run on the Raspberry Pi.

By Athan Spathas

This talk will discuss the development of the Glass Beatstation, a modular interface for making music on Linux

Athan Spathas makes music, is involved with Snowdrift.coop, teaches robotics, and works to support Free / Libre / Open source software: particularly Linux-based music production. He is a self taught Python programmer, it is by far his favorite programming language.

TALK 2: What PHP learned from Python

By Adam Harvey

In 2015, the PHP project released version 7.0 of the PHP language. An advantage PHP had was that Python had gone through a similar process with Python 3 seven years earlier. I’ll discuss the lessons taken from the Python 2-3 transition, and how they were applied.

Adam is a software developer who has worked on a number of interesting and occasionally even useful things in his two decade career. These include prototyping the worst mesh network of all time (based on Android phones), discovering how to reliably lock up a Windows computer by writing an in-browser video editor, and (most usefully) removing the original mysql_* API from PHP.

Today he works at New Relic on their PHP and C language support.

Join us on our python.org mailing list (http://mail.python.org/mailman/listinfo/portland) and on #pdxpython on Freenode. All are welcome!