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Hackboat (Hackers on a Boat!)

Portland Spirit Dock
110 SE Caruthers St
Portland, OR 97214, United States (map)

We'll be on the Star Dolphin, one of Portland Spirit's Boats!




WTF is an unconference? There will be talks, but no formal CFP. Registrants will be asked for potential speaking topics, and we will likely set up some voting mechanism closer to the event to decide which speaking topics will get time on the mic.

Does this cost money? Yes, $100 for a regular ticket, and premium tickets up to $500.

Will there be a free hat? Yes, free hat! (for paying attendees only)

What hours will the boat be cruising? Time on the water has not been 100% finalized, but will likely be around 11am-3pm, with a couple hours docked on both ends where you can hang out on the boat.

How do I get on the boat? The boat will be docked by the Salmon Street Springs fountain on the Portland waterfront.

Food? Lunch buffet provided.

Drinks? There will be a bar.

Internet? There will be internet, but it will be boat internet.

Is this an infinitely sized boat? No, there will a limit of 100 people on this boat.

How much money are you making from this? Ticket costs are structured to just almost cover costs. No one is making money from any of this.

Can I register with my 31337 h4x0r alias? Sorry, due to strict boat law, your legal name will need to match the boat manifest.

Are you sure this is a good idea? Too late to back out now. We have the boat, so it's happening either way.

This FAQ is boring, is there a better one I can read? The official boat FAQ can be found here: https://www.portlandspirit.com/faq.php