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Portland Perl Mongers - Ingy dot Net on TestML, Data Driven Testing for All Modern Programming Languages

Urban Airship
1225 West Burnside #401
Portland, OR 97209, us (map)

Use the entrance on Burnside. You will need to be badged-in at the lobby.

Urban Airship is now in the Whole Foods building downtown. 1225 West Burnside, Suite 401 Portland, OR 97209



TestML - Data Driven Testing for All Modern Programming Languages

by Ingy dot Net

In 2004 I created the Test::Base data driven testing module for CPAN. It became popular with several prolific CPAN authors like MIYAGAWA and became the main testing framework for companies like Socialtext and OpenResty, In 2010 I decided to "Acmeize" it and I made TestML with the intent of making it work in all programming languages. I got it going in Perl5/CPAN and a couple other languages. In 2017 OpenResty paid me to write a new version of the language in their proprietary ecosystem, and the resulting idea was really much better. They allowed me to take the new ideas to Open Source and in 2018 I have the new great TestML language. It is currently working in 8 languages (Bash, CoffeeScript, Go, JavaScript, Perl 5, Perl 6, Python 2 and Python 3) and easy to port. Other ports are under way including C++. The official YAML test suite is written in TestML!

In this talk I will:

  • Introduce you to the TestML language (it's so simple, most programs are a single line!)
  • Show how TestML works well with any language's existing test frameworks
  • Show how to use in Perl 5 and 6 and others
  • Show how the language is compiled to Lingy (a JSON based Lisp)
  • Show how to port TestML to a new programming language or test framework
  • and much more!