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Indie UX/UI Meetup - Kickoff Meet & Greet

Shut Up and Eat
3848 SE Gladstone St
Portland, OR 97202, United States (map)
Public WiFi

Our group has reserved the rally room in the back of the space (on the Holgate side) with the big tables and projector. Please buy something to eat or drink to support this free space.



Hi everyone! This is the very first event in a new series of meetups for independent/alternative designers in Portland. Come on by and meet some folks! Let's talk about what we can do with a group like this.


Work alone? Freelance? Self-taught? Only designer on your team? Only developer who cares about UX? You might be an indie designer.

The goal of this group is to build community by sharing space, stories, process, techniques, and skills. We aim to help people feel more fulfilled, supported, and connected in their work. ALL people working or interested in design are welcome but most especially women, nonbinary folks, LGBTQA+, POC, and any others who are not well supported or represented in the tech industry.

This is a community-driven event and so the format, process, and schedule of this series is still in flux. Things to think about: What do you need? How can we (this group) help?

See Facebook event page for more details.