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Women Talking Tech



Introducing PDX's latest tech meetup - Women Talking Tech :heart:

So many of us are building really cool shit at work and in the community - let's share, recognize and applaud our badassery. Through this WTT series, we aim to perpetuate the technical learning and teaching component within our industry. Partnering with local WIT communities we'll meet monthly for 1-2 lightning talks, Q&A, a break, a keynote closer, and more Q&A. Oh, and food/drink. Curated for a technical audience compromised of but not limited to women, transgender and non binary friends.

Community Partner: Lesbians Who Tech

Katie Hughes: Learn you a Hask/Elm For Great Javascript

Alison Stump: Building CSS for React Components with Modular ITCSS

Kris Nova: Explore the under developed and highly important layer of infrastructure underneath cloud native tooling like Kubernetes. We take a technical deep dive into kubicorn, and show how easy it is to get an application up and running with kubicorn: https://github.com/kris-nova/kubicorn

*Katie is a pun loving web developer at AppNexus, a casual comic book reader, and is hyped af for fall. @katieslynnh

*Alison - coming soon

*Kris is a Senior Developer Advocate at Microsoft. She likes unicorns, whiskey, writing distributed cloud native infrastructure tools, and kissing girls. @kris_nova

Questions/want to chat/interested in speaking at our 10/3 event? [email protected]/@appnexuseng