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Erlang/Elixir Meetup

727 NE 24th Ave
Portland, OR 97232, US (map)

Househappy 727 NE 24th Ave. Portland, OR 97211 Corner of NE Irving and 24th.



The Secure Remote Password Cryptor (SRPC) addresses mobile app security in a post web-app world. SRPC provides HTTPS quality security without the explicit transfer of trust inherent in using HTTPS with PKI. SRPC is immune to HTTPS Man-in-the-Middle issues and also provides many features out-of-scope for HTTPS.

SRPC requires a pair of libraries, one on the client device and one on the server. To create an easy way for mobile app developers to try SRPC, I've built a Erlang OTP system that acts as an SRPC tunnel to an "unaltered" HTTP server. The system is comprised of:

  • srpc_lib: Low-level functionality
  • srpc_srv: The SRPC protocol
  • srpc_elli: An Elli layer to expose srpc_srv to an elli app

There are two optional pieces:

  • srpc_elli_proxy: Proxies request to the "unaltered" HTTP server
  • srpc_elli_lager: Lager module

Finally, I have a test system for testing the iOS framework (Android is underway):

  • srpc_elli_test: Test implementation

Presented by Paul Rogers, an independent software engineer with many years of development experience across multiple platforms using a number of different computer languages. He has a Master of Science in Mathematics, which helps him dig into the internals of cryptography, and a Master of Science in Physical Oceanography.

This will likely be a small talk, with room for additional mini talks.