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ClojureScript: I Can't Believe It's JavaScript

eBay Community Lounge
1400 SW 5th Avenue, 3rd Floor
Portland, OR 97201, US (map)

Access Notes

ADA Accessible - The building is wheelchair accessible via the main doors on SW 5th. (Automatic openers are on the pillar on the left in front of the doors.) The Community Lounge and restrooms associated with the Community Lounge are also wheelchair accessible. Seating for events can easily be removed or arranged as necessary to accommodate any needs.



There are 6 difficult problems frameworks and libraries try to solve in JavaScript, but never quite get there. Learn how these problems (and more!) are solved by ClojureScript and how it can provide a platform for new solutions.

Are you tired of constantly chasing after the next framework? Do you ever feel like frameworks don't solve the hard problems, like callback hell, state management, and correctness checking? Are you looking for something that could make your software radically simpler and let you code better features? ClojureScript could be the answer. In this talk, you'll learn how ClojureScript solves really some tough problems in JavaScript and how it provides a platform for new solutions.

Note: This is a special edition meeting at a different time and place than normal