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Auto-generated docs from the Erlang AST in Kazoo

727 NE 24th Ave
Portland, OR 97232, US (map)



The Portland Erlang and Elixir User Group's March meeting

The age-old trope of developers being lazy and never writing docs has some basis in reality. What can we do to use the code developers write to create documentation and other assets? I'm not talking about annotations or "special" code comments either - the actual code (well, the AST the compiler creates from the code).

With Kazoo, we have a growing userbase wanting to build their own functionality on top of the platform; yet our docs were lagging, out of date, all over the place, or simply non-existent. Come learn how we are taking docs seriously, jump-started the effort by exploiting patterns in our codebase to auto-generate docs and JSON schemas, and built controls into our CI to hopefully ensure the docs are maintained and up to date.

Bio: Having worked on Kazoo for 7+ years now, James Aimonetti has made it his mission to bring better docs to Kazoo's open-source and commercial users. He wants to spread the gospel to other developers and hopefully provide some ideas for how you can bring docs into your development culture too!