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First Fridays Free Days, at NW



Come work and have conversations at Collective Agency NW during our First Fridays Free Days.

Members, come as usual, and you can bring guests, it’ll be the same for you as it is every day but with more people here.

There are 2 requirements for people here free: 1) RSVP (before you come) with: your name, what time you expect to be here, what you’ll be working on (you can include a link to a website or social media), and what you’re looking for. 2) While you’re here, aside from lunch, you’ll find ways to talk with at least 2 people here for at least 30 minutes total. And most of the time you’ll be working on something.

Schedule: • 9am – Open for free • 12pm – Optional lunch • 5pm – End of Open House

People here for free will have access to everything except: locker storage and member car parking, and can make short phone calls in conference rooms (up to 30 minutes; members get 3 hours per day) but not have meetings in conference rooms or reserve (members can). You can come in groups of up to 14 people but everybody has to qualify and do the actions described above. There are no age restrictions.

The Division location is not open for free that day.

The community guidelines are the core of the terms of service: http://collectiveagency.co/community-guidelines

Membership info is: http://collectiveagency.co/membership