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VoIP, Kazoo and Erlang

380 NW 13th Ave, Suite 200
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

Look for the sign on the ground floor, then come upstairs to the second floor and head to the conference room in the back.



James Aimonetti of 2600hz.com will be joining us tonight to talk about how Erlang powers the Kazoo project and Voice-over-IP products all around the world.

Kazoo is a scalable, distributed, cloud-based telephony platform that allows you to build powerful telephony applications with a rich set of APIs.

Designed to handle anything from large carrier to small countries, the Kazoo infrastructure can do it all. There are no lock-ins and the software is open-source to give you complete freedom.

James will be giving us a high level view of the architecture behind Kazoo, both from a platform perspective and from an Erlang perspective. We'll survey some of the code that is of interest, such as the gen_listener behaviour (for AMQP message consumption), the PropEr tests in various modules, the wh_json module for working with Erlang-encoded JSON objects), and more. No telecom experience required!