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Rust Hack Session

Lucky Labrador Brew Pub
915 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97214, US (map)
Public WiFi



This is intended as a general-purpose hack session where folks with a little more experience writing/using Rust or who have an open source project or two that could use new contributors are encouraged to invite newcomers to hack-a-long for a few hours. There will be no specific topic or presentation, just a bunch of nerds nerding out on a (presumably) rainy Saturday afternoon.

Just to be clear, this is intended for all levels of programming/rust experience:

  • Folks with more experience will benefit by possibly gaining new contributors for their projects.
  • Folks with little/no experience will benefit from direct guidance working on a specific feature/bug in an existing project.

Recommendations for those with projects in mind:

Since we are asking that some of you come prepared with a project or two in mind that could benefit from additional contributors, the following will help:

  • Post a comment on this [meetup.com] event with a link to the open source repository that you would like to invite people to work on.
  • Create a list of issues that your project(s) could use help on. If you use Github as a project management tool, a github issue for each bug/feature/improvement you have in mind would be immensely helpful as a way to establish continuity between you and your new contributors after this meetup.
  • Keep in mind the varying levels of skill/experience other folks might have and be prepared to offer some relatively low-hanging fruit in addition to more difficult tasks.

Also, don't let your lack of experience with programming/rust or lack of ownership over a particular project prevent you from proposing a project to work on...I personally have very little Rust experience and no projects of my own but know of a couple projects that could benefit from new contributors!