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Nike Tech Talks

Nike Decathlon Club Cafe
15350 SW Koll Parkway
Beaverton, Or 97006, US (map)



Nike Consumer Digital Tech is hosting the next Tech Talks on Thursday, November 19th (4:00-7:30pm)! Join us at the Nike campus for the talks as well as networking time with snacks and drinks. Learn more about and RSVP at: https://niketechtalks-nov2015.splashthat.com.

Real Time Operational Analytics at the Speed of Thought with Apache Spark Jags Ramnarayan / Chief Product Visionary, SnappyData

Apache Spark has come a long way since it began as a faster batch oriented map-reduce solution for Hadoop. With support for streaming, machine learning, and most recently SQL, Spark aspires to become a player in the realm of real time analytics at scale. However, much of its underpinnings remain batch oriented and unsuited for highly concurrent OLAP workloads. In this talk, we will describe how we are innovating and renovating Spark's core underpinnings to make it suitable for real time operational analytics, helping create a unified platform that supports row and column data, high concurrency, and approximate query processing at scale.

Scala, OODA and Entropy: Thoughts on Continuous Learning Adam Rosien / Engineer, Compellon / @arosien

In this talk, Adam will discuss Compellon's approach to so-called prescriptive analytics, which basically means "Ok, but what the *&^% should I do now!?". He'll talk about the barriers blocking domain experts from using analytic systems, how data scientists bias their models, and the evolution of Compellon's engine, written in Scala with Apache Spark.

Feel free to invite colleagues who would be interested in attending.