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AgilePDX Westside (morning) - How Agile is Agile Enough?

Intel Hawthorne Farms Building 3 (HF3), Auditorium
5200 NE Elam Young Pkwy
Hillsboro, OR 97124, US (map)

PLEASE NOTE NEW LOCATION (Intel Hawthorne Farms Bldg 3 Auditorium).

From Cornell take Elam Young Parkway using the WEST intersection, not the EAST (Elam Young intersects with Cornell on both sides of the Intel campus).

Turn in to the first driveway into the Intel parking lot off of Elam Young Parkway. Straight ahead is the entrance for HF3 and the auditorium. Guest parking will be near the entrance.



How Agile is Agile Enough?

Join us for a format introduced at the Intel Agile & Lean Conference: Lean Coffee++

Participants will actively brainstorm and prioritize the agenda and become part of the conversation. Up-votes will continue the discussion, while down-votes mean move on to the next sub-topic.

To guide the conversation we'll seed the topic, and also seed the audience with expert contributors. This is the ++ portion of our take on the LeanCoffee(tm) format.

Seed Topic: How Agile is Agile Enough?

Seed questions: Do large organizations need to accept the same definition of agility as small ones? Is it possible to accept some known impediments and still be considered 'agile'? How do we measure when we have become 'agile enough'?