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Portland Bitcoin Group

7608 N Interstate Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97217, US (map)

Access Notes

If you arrive and have a hard time finding someone, head over to ctrlh.org/irc and ask. Someone there should be able to help.



This group is for people who are interested in Bitcoin, the open source, peer-to-peer payment network and currency.

Come along to: * Learn why Bitcoin is different from other currencies and precious metals * Learn how to use Bitcoin to increase your online privacy and security * Discuss politics and economics as they relate to Bitcoin and the $. Barter, trade, and network for a more resilient local economy. * Buy and sell products and services for Bitcoin. If you have a business, how you can be one of the first to start transacting with Bitcoin.

These are exciting times for Bitcoin. Come be a part of the new way to think about money!