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OSGeo-PDX monthly meeting

Portland State University Cramer Hall - room 409
1721 Southwest Broadway
Portland, OR 97201, US (map)
Public WiFi

4th floor of Cramer Hall - Geography Department.



Monthly meeting of the open source GIS group PDX-OSGeo.

Discussion of all things spatial and open source. Tonight's guest is Dave Mangold, who will speak to us about how to create great cartographic products using QGIS and Inkscape.

Attendees of FOSS4G will remember the excellent map that Dave produced for the printed program [1].

From Dave's Description of his map:

This map was created entirely from freely available data and open-source software. Data were obtained as shapefile downloads from METRO RLIS. These shapefiles were then loaded into a PostGIS database as spatial tables. The initial map was created in QGIS. This map was then saved in a vector format and finished in InkScape, where label adjustment and creation, feature layering, and annotation were accomplished. On the map, if you look closely at the southern portion of Naito Street (right edge of left panel), you will see a hidden tribute to the free and open-source resources used.

[1] https://2014.foss4g.org/wp-content/uploads/mapgallery/orig/150.png