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Church of Robotron

Diode Gallery for Electronic Art
514 NW Couch
Portland, Oregon 97215, US (map)



The Church of Robotron

2014 Testing and Training Facility

With only 70 years remaining until the robot uprising crisis of 2084, The Church of Robotron desperately announces that it will be conducting testing and training operations at the Diode Gallery, 514 NW Couch, Portland, OR 97209. Window altar services will be available starting September 14th, 2104. Mutant liturgy will be held on Wednesday, September 24th, 2014 and (First) Thursday, October 2nd, 2014, both at 7pm. Other times by appointment.

The installation centers around three (3) altars that will test and train the public by subjecting them to a multitude of environmental discomforts while playing augmented versions of the 1982 8­-bit twitch arcade game Roboton 2084. Participants will take up the two (2) eight­-way joysticks to battle both on­-screen Robotrons and real­-world stimuli manifested from in­-game events. These futile efforts will be celebrated and archived on a videographed leaderboard.

Church organizers will be conducting research and performing additional tests to determine if the mutant savior walks among us today. Devotees and skeptics alike are invited to take in a recorded (or live!) sermon from a church prophet and to learn more about Robotron prophecy and culture in the reading room.

The last human family must survive, and it is through experiential Error, deep understanding of Futility, and the Mutant Savior’s anti-­robot chest­-mounted turreted lasers that our human culture can continue to thrive.

About The Church of Robotron

The Church of Robotron is an avant-­fanatical post­-apocalyptic videogame cyber­-religion based in the 1980s but born in the 2000s in Portland, OR. The CoR has installed/performed at ToorCamp in Neah Bay, held public devivals in Portland, and celebrated with private screenings and public swearing over low scores.

About Diode

Diode is Portland’s flagship art gallery dedicated to electronic and and electro­-interactive works.

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Brian Richardson ([email protected]) (503)­929­-3785
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