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FOSS4G (Workshops)

Portland State University
1633 SW Park Ave
Portland, OR 97214, US (map)



Full descriptions are on the FOSS4G Workshops page. Check the Registration Page for availability.

Morning Sessions:

  • An Introduction to OpenStreetMap
  • Better Planning In Case of Disaster: Introduction to Impact Modelling with InaSAFE
  • Building Standards Compliant Geospatial Web Application – The Quick and Easy MapMint Way
  • Create a mobile GIS app using FOSS tools
  • Creating Interactive Online Maps with CartoDB
  • Let’s talk about your geostack
  • OpenLayers 3 – First Contact
  • Python Flask, MongoDB, and Leaflet for quick and fun mapping applications
  • SpatioTemporal data handling with GeoServer: an introduction with examples for MetOc and Remote Sensing data for WMS and WCS
  • Web mapping with OGC services and GeoServer: an introduction

Afternoon Sessions

  • Building Apps with OpenLayers
  • Deploying INSPIRE Geoportals with GET SDI Portal
  • Deploying Web Processing Services using ZOO-Project – Examples of Python based WPS using PgRouting
  • Developing Android Native Mobile Applications with mobile map tools
  • Enterprise class deplyoment for GeoServer and GeoWebcache:optimizing performances and robustness
  • Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis with PySAL
  • Introduction to high availability clusters with GeoServer and GeoWebCache
  • Introduction to InaSAFE development
  • Introduction to PostGIS

All Day Sessions:

  • An introduction to QGIS