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Building Simulation Optimization

Ecotrust (Jean Vollum Natural Capital Center)
721 NW Ninth Ave
Portland, Oregon 97209, US (map)

Ecotrust Building Billy Frank Jr. Conf. Center 721 NW 9th Avenue Portland, OR 97209



***Registration required, lunch provided: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/5FRNCVZ?utm_source=July+2014+BESF+Meeting+Announcement&utm_campaign=July+2014+BESF+Meeting+Announcement&utm_medium=email

July 16th Simulation Forum

Building Simulation Optimization for Climatic Passive Heating and Cooling Design: Advanced Materials, Workflows, and Tools

Jeremiah Crossett, Senior Analyst, Phase Change Energy Solutions Inc. and Founder of NRGSIM Inc. and Eric Youngson, President and Founder of Succession Ecological Services (SES)

Modern low energy buildings require innovative strategies that maintain occupant comfort while reducing energy consumption through the use of passive systems and sophisticated materials. Historically, building design has focused on active systems that increase complexity, drive costs higher, and result in environmental degradation. This presentation focuses on early load reduction that allows for smaller, more efficient mechanical systems through the optimization of building envelope design. Through the use of Pareto front analysis, designs are able to achieve optimal combinations of window, insulation, and phase change material (PCM) to achieve a desired balance between energy performance and cost objectives for various climate zones.

New tools developed in part by the presenters will be demonstrated using the jE+ EA cloud optimization Energy Plus shell, the "Eppy" Python scripting package, and a custom version of Energy Plus with enhanced PCM features. In addition, a brief demonstration of the NRGSIM web based energy modeling application will be provided.