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PDXNode presentation night

Urban Airship Inc
1417 NW Everett St, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)

Look for the friends standing by the door to let you in! If you arrive past 7:15pm, be patient! Or tweet @pdxnode. We'll come get you shortly.



Monthly presentation night! Pizza and beverages generously provided by Walmart Labs

This set of talks will be a great way to cap off our first year of PDXNode:

  • Jen(@ednapiranha) A Mozillan and co-creator of meatspac.es, will be sharing about the awesome new WebRTC chat fun taking over our cameras and free time.
  • Wraithan Our resident IRC champion, will be running a tutorial on IRC bots: "from installing libraries to connecting to a channel to reacting to what someone said".
  • Newb at Everything @edrex will demo his current tooling for publishing sites. Hopefully this will inspire some epic nerd battles and/or pull requests at the pub later.

Presentations start at 7pm. We welcome open dialogue during the presenations. We're all here to learn!

Come a little early to say hi. We'll also be hanging out at 6:30pm to help any newcomers needing help to gettting started by installing node and npm.
It will be a nice variety of topics and level of talks. If anyone is interested, we could also take discussions to post-talk drinks nearby. Maybe even hack a little.