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PDXNode presentation night

1120 NW Couch St., Suite 320
Portland, Oregon 97209, US (map)
Public WiFi

Access Notes

You'll need to check in with the Mozilla office front desk, on the third floor. The elevators lock at 6pm, but when there's an evening event scheduled, they should stay open until 7pm.



Monthly presentation night! Talks will be:

  • Wraithan sharing a lightning talk on the quick start of http.createServer() without having to dive into a framework
  • Faddah Yuetsu will lead a discussion after presenting Eric Gradman's JS.LA hardware talk "Node's harder side"
  • Justin Abrahms will talk about Selenium PageObjects, a pattern that represents the screens of your web app as a series of objects

We'll also be starting a couple of monthly segments and would LOVE your participation and submissions--

  1. "Stump the Chump", a 15-minute round of anything-goes, ask any question that's been irking you about Node.js. Those williing can stand up to help answer the question in an open, friendly learning environment.

  2. "Modules You Should Know", a different module featured each month. We'd love for people to take a stab at this lightning-style talk. Learn a module, share it with us, help close that discovery gap that is growing in Node.js!

It will be a nice variety of topics and level of talks. If anyone is interested, we could also take discussions to post-talk drinks nearby. Maybe even hack a little.