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Year-End Portland Area Game Development Interest Group Roundtable+Meetup

338 NW 6th Ave
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)



Hello everyone, it's that time again. Yep, it's the last PAGDIG of the year.

Pizza and beverages will be provided, feel free to bring stuff to eat/drink to share or bring a couple of bucks to offset pizza costs. But all of that is strictly optional.

The roundtable discussion this month:

Managing Time While Staying Productive and Inspired: How Creative Game Developers Get Work Done

Anyone who does game development (art, design, programming, music), whether they be a full-time indie/employee or a part-time dev or student/hobbyist knows there's several fine balances we have to maintain. We split time between finding inspiration and buckling down and getting things done. We split time between the work that we care about and well, Real Life. When does looking for inspiration become detrimental distraction? When does working for hours on end become hazardous and counterproductive?

Let's all talk about how we deal with this in our daily work: how we stay focused, how we stay excited, how we budget our time and attention. I think it would be pretty educational to share and compare notes on how we all as developers of all types actually split our time up and what kind of schedules we maintain.

See you all soon!