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OEN PubTalk™ Urban Airship taking flight


This venue is no longer open for business.

115 NW 5th Ave
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)
Public WiFi



Urban Airship powers the world's most successful mobile apps. It is great for brands because it make makes mobile apps far more engaging, effective, efficient and profitable. It is also one of the hot new mobile technology startups in Portland that is breathing excitement into the Portland entrepreneurial ecosystem and making the world take notice. In fact they were recently named as one of the Top 25 Mobile Companies by tech news site Informilo. With $21.6 M in funding and a potentially huge marketplace of app developers, Urban Airship is considered “one to watch”.

Come to OEN's April PubTalk and hear from Urban Airship’s CEO, Scott Kveton. He will share the story of Urban Airship’s journey since being founded in 2009. He will also share his goals for Urban Airship’s future and insights that entrepreneurs should think about as they work to make their own startup take flight.

Speaker: Urban Airship – Scott Kveton, Co-founder and CEO Scott Kveton is the co-founder and CEO of Urban Airship based in Portland, Oregon. He is widely recognized as an expert on mobile app strategy and cloud infrastructure. He speaks frequently on app monetization, engagement and the developer ecosystems around the various mobile platforms. Prior to starting Urban Airship, Kveton had more than a dozen years of experience building technology, developing business strategy and leading engineering teams with companies including Amazon.com, Rulespace, JanRain and Vidoop.