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Portland Perl Mongers -- "Now on 2nd Thursdays" Social

Lucky Labrador Brew Pub
915 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97214, US (map)
Public WiFi

Find one of the tables full of laptops where somebody is wearing a Perl shirt.



Note the new date and (temporary) location change. This is a trial run at changing to 2nd Thursdays and a break from Free Geek while we figure out the keys/space issues.

We'll be discussing all things Perl and generally socializing in or near some tasty beverages. If you are new, look for the pdx.pm t-shirts[1].

Feel free to bring a laptop if you have some code or Perl questions to share or work on. (Or if you have no laptop, just bring the code/url.)

The other meeting will be next Wednesday (Sept 14th), also at the Lucky Lab. You get one vote for each time you show up (vote for both days or one twice.)

Rumor has it that the classroom at Free Geek is being redone into rows of desks with a whiteboard and projector -- which makes 2nd Wednesdays more viable, though the meeting room might still be a better space for us.

[1] My shirt is often purple. There was talk on irc.perl.org/#pdx.pm of getting a '$_' bat-signal to shine on the ceiling, but no volunteer yet.

This event overlaps with PDX Hackathon! Some type of tech user group jousting may occur.