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Lean for Service

PSU Professional Development Center
1515 SW 5th, 1050
Portland, OR 97201, US (map)



In this fast paced, hands-on one day course, you will learn and experience the principles and practices of Lean Thinking applied to service industries (non-manufacturing). During this course you will “learn to see” waste in any process, enabling you to identify opportunities for improving speed, quality, cost, innovation, employee engagement, and customer satisfaction.

Lean operates across three levels of an organization.

* <b>At the individual level</b>, Lean enables people to do their daily work, while improving how they do this work, always with a keen focus on what their customers want.
* <b>At the management systems level</b>, Lean focuses on cross-functional activity, breaking down organizational silos, balancing demand and workload so processes flow smoothly.
* <b>At the executive level</b>, Lean connects organization strategy with management systems and daily improvement activities, ensuring that everyone in the organization is communicating clearly and focusing on process improvements that yield the greatest benefit to the organization.

You’ll return to your organization with:

* Hands-on experience with fundamental Lean tools and techniques that drive process improvement
* The understanding needed to begin investigating the flow of work and information within your organization, identifying opportunities to increase value and reduce waste
* A clear comprehension of the value Lean offers in terms of speed, quality, cost, innovation, employee engagement and customer satisfaction, and an ability to articulate that value within the context of your own organization.

More info: http://oregontrainingnetwork.com/lean-for-service/