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Pacific Northwest Parrot Developers Gathering/Hackathon

Lucky Labrador Brew Pub
915 SE Hawthorne Boulevard
Portland, Oregon 97214, US (map)
Public WiFi



Parrot developers have reserved a room for the above times to meet face-to-face to talk about and hack on Parrot Virtual Machine!

The first few hours of the meeting will concentrate on people already involved in Parrot, to talk about which goals Parrot wants to achieve and what people will focus on in the future. Some members of the Board of Directors of Parrot Foundation will be present, and hopefully any local developers that are already involved with Parrot in some way.

The latter half of the time slot will be focused towards new users and people interested in learning more about Parrot. Some Parrot developers will hack on their Parrot-related projects, while others will work with those who are new to Parrot, to orient them and discuss what roles they can play in the Parrot community and/or what things need hacking on.

Hacking and schmoozing will probably continue after 5pm, but that is when our reserved space ends.