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Jive Software
915 SW Stark St., Suite 400
Portland, Oregon 97205, United States (map)
Public WiFi



Come join fellow Scala hackers and enthusiasts. The guest speaker this time will be Peat Bakke, who will be speaking about some of his experiences building a service with Scala. Or in his words:

Scala, Circumflex, and MongoDB

Or, why writing everything from scratch is a great way to learn a language, but a terrible way to be productive.

This is about an ongoing Scala project -- a part of the Capacity product planning and resource management system. We'll be looking at a few parts of the system, a homebrew ORM for MongoDB, and the guts behind the scenes that handles the calculations, and the Circumflex-based JSON web service.

The goal of building these from scratch was to learn, and it continues to be an experiment, so I'm looking forward to everyone's feedback on how to make it better!