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Portland Java User Group: Spring Insight and Roo

Oracle (Downtown Campus)
1211 SW 5th Avenue, Suite 800, Room 8005
Portland, Oregon 97204, US (map)



This month's topic: The Spring Insight console and Roo

The Spring Insight console, part of tc Server Developer Edition, is a dashboard view of real-time Spring application performance metrics. Without changing their code, developers can use Spring Insight to detect, analyze and diagnose application performance issues right from their desktops.

A graphical look at application performance: Within Spring Insight, application performance is graphically displayed via response time charts and histograms, providing developers an easily digestible view into where processing time is spent.

Easy navigation to identify the root causes of concerns: Expandable call trees enable developers to drill down into application requests and controller actions.

Integration with SpringSource Tool Suite to fix problems: By integrating SpringSource tc Server Developer Edition with SpringSource Tool Suite, developers gain a deeper understanding of how the application is functioning and performing by isolating a transaction trace and quickly jumping to the portion of code that is causing a problem.

Speaker: Steve Mayzak

Steve Mayzak is a Senior Sales Engineer with SpringSource. He has been in working in Enterprise IT for over a decade and has been involved in many industries including Automotive, Retail, Hi-Tech, Healthcare to name a few. Steve is an Open source advocate who loves anything that has to do with Java, Spring and Grails and is an expert at using these technologies to solve real word problems. He is currently focused on showcasing SpringSource products around the world with a focus on tc Server and Hyperic HQ.

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