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PDXScala Meeting

107 SE Washington St., Suite 520
Portland, Oregon 97214, US (map)
Public WiFi



We've got a fun meeting coming up this Thursday. The plan is to break into small groups to evaluate various testing frameworks (Sepcs, ScalaTest, JUnit, etc.) and then discuss our findings as a group.

Trenton has graciously set up a GitHub repository with some basic classes to test against and a set of JUnit tests to get started with. It's currently set up with Maven and has the beginnings of an SBT project set up. I'm still working on getting SBT to run the JUnit tests Trenton wrote, but otherwise feel free to clone it and get familiar with it before the meeting:


There should also be time to discuss other concerns, ask questions, and the usual sorts of things you might want to do in a group of like-minded techies. If you have ideas for other short discussions you'd like to propose for this meeting or a future meeting, please send them along.