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Darcs Hacking Sprint

Galois, Inc
421 SW 6th Ave. Suite 300
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)



Who : Anybody who wants to hack on Darcs (or Camp, Focal, SO6, etc) Beginners especially welcome!

Why : Darcs aims to have bi-annual hacking sprints so that we can get together on a regular basis, hold design discussions, hack up a storm and have a lot fun.

What : We plan to put some finishing touches on Darcs-2.4. Darcs 2.4 is a pretty exciting release because we expect it to offer nice performance enhancements from Petr's Google

Summer of Code Project, and also a nice new 'hunk splitting' feature.

We also intend to set aside at least one Darcs hacker for mentoring beginners, so if you're new to Haskell or to Darcs hacking, here's a good chance to plunge in and start working on a real world project.

How: Add yourself to http://wiki.darcs.net/Sprints/2009-11