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OTBC: How to Validate your Market

OTBC [Old location, do not use!]

This venue is no longer open for business.

12725 Sw Millikan Way, Suite 101
Beaverton, OR 97005, US (map)



Your product or service makes sense to you - but will it be compelling to your target customers? Entrepreneurs and small business owners often go with their gut feel - but that can be misleading. Not all of your target customers think the way you do!

How do you make sure that the demand is there, before you spend a lot of time and money developing and deploying a product or service? Validating the market first decreases your risk, and gives you a much better understanding of how to approach your market with the most effective messaging and marketing.

OTBC executive director Steve Morris will take you step by step through the process of validating your market, so you can be more confident that you are addressing an unmet need, and that customers will actually be willing to pay.

Who should attend: any entrepreneur or small business owner who needs to develop a strategy and a plan for launching or growing their business.